17 Oct 2011

Restoring St Georges Park Conservatory

Recently our beloved St George’s Park has undergone some renovations. And this can be seen mostly in the Pearson Conservatory.

This Victorian Conservatory was completed and opened on 12 September 1882 at a cost of £3,800 and was named after Mr HW Pearson, the Mayor of Port Elizabeth at that time.  Over the years the building had been fixed up several times and at one stage during the 1970′s the city even considered demolishing it.  Luckily the municipality then decided not to do it.  A couple of years ago the decision was made to give the Conservatory a major upgrade and refurbishment and after extensive work was reopened again in September.

The conservatory is now looking beautiful, and can be seen in all it’s previous splendor and glory.

Information and images sourced from: Port Elizabeth Daily Photo